Monday, March 19, 2012

Lost Abbey Judgement Day

Last Tuesday, I stopped by Kite & Key and ordered a Lost Abbey Judgement Day, a quad brewed with raisins. The description mentioned that it's the base for Cuvee de Tomme which I didn't know and thought was pretty interesting.
Slightly roasty nose with dates, raisins and hints of chocolate. I think the roast was in my mind though and it may have been more of a smoky flavor or the combination of raisin and chocolate. If someone else has had this maybe they'll offer their thoughts. Flavor followed with a nice blend of raisin and chocolate with a caramel, malty sweetness finishing it off. Super clean flavors, a nice body, and no hint of the ABV made this one quite enjoyable. After having the Cuvee de Tomme back during beer week, I can sort of see how souring this would turn into that.

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