Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sixpoint Resin

Over the course of two weeks or so, I drank two cans of Sixpoint Resin, a double IPA.
The interesting thing about drinking both cans close to each other was noticing the differences between them. They both had a bright citrus nose with some malty sweetness. This followed in the first can with a relatively nice balance in flavors between the bright hop notes and the malt which I quite enjoyed. However, in the second can, the balance was quite different with way more bitterness at first and less of the malty sweetness to balance it out. Luckily it did let up a bit as I drank more of it but it still wasn't quite the same. Just interesting to see batch variation from smaller breweries.

Still, Resin was a pretty good double IPA and I know lots of people are enjoying it. I'm pretty sure Sixpoint changed the recipe slightly for the second shipment, though, so these comments may not be terribly meaningful anymore. Guess you'll have to buy some and see for yourself!

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