Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Savage Sixtel Sunday at Kite & Key

This past weekend Kite & Key held another of their Savage Sixtel Sunday events. (See here and here for previous events.) I missed last time because it was on the day of the Superbowl so I was happy to be able to make this one. Even disregarding the generally interesting tap list, there are usually lots of people to talk to at them which is the real reason I enjoy it. With PhillyTapFinder on vacation in Belgium or Paris (he's somewhere over there right now), I didn't actually know what was on draft other than Pliny the Younger and Hopslam, so I was excited to find out.

When I arrived the bar was pretty full though probably not as full as other bars have been when they tap Younger. Surprise tappings will do that I guess. I said hello to one of the owners, Jim, who I last met during a previous Sixtel Sunday and then made my way to the bar to order a beer. Unfortunately, Younger had kicked a few minutes before I arrived so I started with a Bells Hopslam instead, a double IPA brewed with honey.
I've talked about Hopslam quite a few times (here, here, and here) so I'll just say it's definitely starting to fade but is still quite decent. If you have bottles or kegs, drink them sooner rather than later.

My next beer was Weyerbacher Insanity, a bourbon aged barleywine although it's only in barrels for a month or two I believe.
I've actually written about this one a few times too though it was so good this time I can't help myself from talking about it. The other times are here and here if you're curious. Tons of vanilla in the nose with a small hint of fruit from the base barleywine. Tasted of caramel sugar with some fruit, lots of vanilla, some mild bourbon, and finished with a hint of sharp alcohol. It was definitely sweet, but in a really pleasant way, at least to me.

Since it was Sunday, I thought three beers might have been pushing it but decided I could handle one more. I thought about picking one that might not be around Tuesday, but the bartender said the Goose Island Matilda was good so I went with that even though it would probably still be around in a few days.
The pictures I used today are pretty similar now that I've posted them all, but believe me they are all different beers, I swear. Matilda had a nice saisony nose, flowery and peppery though not sharp. And, yes, making up a the word "saisony" is totally cheating, but it works so deal. Floral at first with a little fruitiness then some spiced notes appeared. Pretty similar throughout the whole glass. Nice little saison and well put together.

Yet again a great Savage Sixtel Sunday with lots of good beer. If you aren't going to these, you're definitely missing out. I loved the surprise Younger tapping even if I missed out and hope Jim continues that way with other rare kegs. They are going to sell the beer anyway and I'm not convinced super special events benefit bars anyway since people come for that beer and never return. Either way though it's always a fun time at the Kite & Key.

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