Thursday, March 22, 2012

Goose Island Pere Jacques

I'm almost ready to write about our trip to Russian River but didn't quite have enough time this morning. I know you all can't wait but you'll just have to. Sorry! Instead, you get a simple write up about Goose Island Pere Jacques, a dubbel. Goose Island is a recent addition to the Philly market actually and we should start seeing more of it. I'm excited to see if we'll get some Bourbon County, their awesome bourbon stout.
Light sweet nose with tons of fruit and a little clove. Started bready and fruity with more clove. As it warmed, the fruit came out more clearly with some caramel. It was a sweet and malty beer, but that's generally expected in a dubbel and as long as the flavors are clean like in this, it works out. I tend to like my dubbels with a little more caramel flavor but this was still pretty good.

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