Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring House Kerplunk '09

In preparation for our trip to the Spring House Taproom, Jo suggested I open one of my bottles of their Kerplunk Chocolate Imperial Stout in order to compare it to a fresh sample. Figuring I'd get to drink a delicious beer even if for some reason it turned out not to be on tap anymore, I opened my second to last bottle.
Some chocolate in the nose with a bit of dark fruit or something. Thinner body than I remember, probably a result of sitting for two and a half years. It was still quite tasty though I think it may be past its prime a bit. Nice clean chocolate flavors, a few hints of oxidation in the middle, and then a decent chocolate finish. There wasn't much roast or coffee in this stout, but lots of nice chocolate flavor made for an enjoyable beer. At this point, I have one bottle left and based on this one I should probably drink it soon as it's definitely not getting better anymore but we'll see how well I follow that plan.

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