Friday, March 16, 2012

Dugges Never Mind the Bollox

Still feeling lazy today so you get a Swedish beer from Dugges named Never Mind the Bollox. If you remember, Jared brought a bottle of their 1/2 Idjit to our Swedish party a while back.
Besides the fact that I love the name, this was quite an interesting beer. It's labeled as an IPA but from the start it didn't seem like that style at all. Big malty nose with the smell of aged hops. Spicy and earthy but not bitter. Big sweet body with lots of dark fruit and some malty breadiness. Sort of continues that way with the earthy hops perking up every once and a while to keep it from being too sweet. While the bottle clearly wasn't fresh, I thought it had been bottled in November 2011. However, I just saw a review on BeerAdvocate from February 2011 that claims to have seen the same notching so it must have been quite an old bottle. However, I can safely say it didn't actually hurt this beer and it was still pretty decent. I do wonder what it was like fresh though.

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