Tuesday, September 17, 2013

FiftyFifty Eclipse Elijah Craig (12 Year)

I've been drinking beers off my basement shelves ever since Pax was born since we haven't been going out as much. That means I've been opening bombers more often and actually working through my collection. Since I've already worked through a lot of the more normal stuff, I've popped some slightly more special beers into the refrigerator and drank them on random weekends. Hence the Mother of All Storms from yesterday and now this was a bottle from late 2011. This beer was FiftyFifty Eclipse Imperial Stout aged in 12 year Elijah Craig barrels.
Caramel, chocolate, and fudge made up the nose. Very inviting aroma. Nice mouthfeel, thick and a little chewy. Body was sweet chocolate and a rich fudge with some vanilla in the background. The bourbon was really well integrated with the stout and didn't overwhelm anything. Pretty delicious offering from them. I'd read that this was commonly one of people's favorite variants and I can see why.

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