Friday, September 6, 2013

New Glarus Enigma

This was actually just a random gift from my friend Matt when he was dropping off a different beer for me. I didn't even know what style it was when I opened it, but it turned out to be an Oud Bruin, possibly with cherries.
Since I didn't know what kind of beer this was, the nose was a huge surprise. Sort of sour cherry mixed with some caramel sweetness. The body was very similar with a lot of sour cherry and caramel with a little tartness in the finish. Very soft sweetness meant it wasn't cloying even though the caramel was a strong flavor and it continued that way throughout. My wife liked it quite a bit too. After discovering that it was an Oud Bruin, the flavors make a ton of sense too. This makes me wish I could try more of their sours as the softness made for a solid drinking experience and it was quite good. Unfortunately, the beers are brewery-only releases for the most part and I'm too lazy to try to trade for them. Oh well, still glad Matt gave me this. Thanks Matt!

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