Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jolly Pumpkin La Roja

I haven't had much luck with Jolly Pumpkin honestly. Their bombers trend a bit more expensive in Philly and I've never been terribly happy with the dollar to taste ratio after buying them. It's funny, too, because some people absolutely love this brewery. I mean, good for them, I just don't get it. However, I'd read about La Roja and thought it could be their one beer that I actually like and enjoy. Turns out I was correct!
Vinegary nose with a hint of caramel. Right away, I had a good feeling about it. In the body, the vinegar was a bit more muted than the nose, but still the major flavor. Mixed in sharp bite from the oak barrel, vanilla, and then some acetic sourness in the finish. Jo thought the oak was almost bitter in the beginning but got used to it as she worked through her glass. I agreed though I didn't mind as much. Either way, the bitterness faded after a while and it became even more enjoyable. This was worth buying and I was happy to finally give it a try.

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