Monday, September 16, 2013

Pelican Mother of All Storms

I'd read about this beer a bit as Pelican has allowed online sales of it over the past few years so I've briefly contemplated trying to obtain some. However, they didn't ship to PA (like mostly everyone else in the US) so I just kind of shrugged and moved on with my life. This year, though, my buddy Matt got a few and offered me one of the bottles to defray some of his costs or just to be nice. No work to try an awesome sounding bourbon barrel barleywine? Uh, sure, I'll do that!
Huge caramel, raisin, and cherry nose with a little bit of saltiness. No idea on where salt came from but I wrote it down so it must have been there. Quite thick which is nice. First sip was awesome, absolutely delicious. Raisins, chocolate, caramel, and a nice sweet finish. A slight bite in the aftertaste kept it from being cloying. No alcohol heat either. Just an amazingly put together beer and everything I want in a bourbon barrel barleywine. So good and glad I got to try this.


  1. I really want to try this sometime, especially now that it's getting to be barleywine weather again! I didn't know they did online sales, but yeah, PA sucks with that. I almost wish I didn't know that (was very disappointed when I tried to order some Cascade beers once...) Thanks a lot Rich!

  2. Their online sales are a bit odd but I know they do them. I usually find out through BeerAdvocate.