Monday, August 15, 2011

Alesmith Speedway Stout

I've been meaning to open this for a while but just didn't find the time until last Friday. The main reason issue is it's a 750ml bottle and at 12% it's a bit of a commitment. Turns out the commitment was well worth it as Speedway is amazing.
Sweet nose with a bit of coffee and some slight alcohol tanginess. Really inviting. Like, super inviting. Like, I wanted to drain the entire glass in one sip inviting. I didn't though. What? I didn't!

Thick and velvety body. Starts with a bit of coffee, a little bitterness, a little cream, and some dark fruit. As I drank more a little roast appeared to mix with all the other flavors. While there wasn't any heat from the alcohol, I could definitely tell it was strong. Nothing wrong with that though considering it was strong. This was just freaking awesome and honestly surpassed my expectations. Just fantastic.

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