Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dinner at Kite & Key

In a change from my regular Tuesday at Kite & Key routine, my wife joined me for dinner so I was there a bit longer than usual. Nice to mix things up every once and a while, ya know? I got there a bit before her so I ordered a Deschutes Black Butte Porter to pass the time.
Delicious chocolate roast nose. Starts with flavors of roast and chocolate, finishing with a slight smoky character. The mix of chocolate and roast is really well balanced. Very tasty. So disappointing that it'll be gone soon and not available year round. If only Deschutes distributed to Philly for real. Oh well.

After that we ordered some food and I got a glass of Victory Yakima Glory, an American Black Ale, served from the handpump.
Roasted hop aroma. Started with a tiny bit of creaminess then is followed quickly by hops and a super bitter finish. Some hints of citrus from the hops but pretty subdued as a result of being served out of the handpump. Luckily, the bitterness calmed down a ton after the initial assault and it became much more drinkable. Very smooth mouthfeel too. I'm wondering if it's super hoppy when not on cask but I haven't had it that way yet.

The longer stay at the Kite & Key was pretty nice. The food we ordered was good (the nachos were cheese heaven) and I was really glad the Black Butte was still available. Just another great Tuesday.

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