Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yards Cape of Good Hope at Kite & Key

Now, I realize I recently wrote about Yards Cape of Good Hope after drinking an entire growler of it, but when I finally took notes, well, lets just say I was slightly inebriated. Slightly. So, since it was on draft at Kite & Key, I figured I'd get another taste of it to get some more useful comments.
It's definitely pretty. Nice deep, murky orange color. Nice citrusy nose, very clean. No bitterness to be found. Starts with grapefruit, followed by a nice maltiness, and finishing slightly bitter. Just a really well-balanced double IPA, no hint of the 8% ABV and quite tasty. So my notes weren't too off and this is mostly just a repeat. Oh well, you'll all live.

On a side note, I just realized I've been doing this for almost a year. Not sure if I'll drink something fun on the 1 year anniversary, but we'll see.

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