Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lunch at Jose Pistola's

I haven't been back to Jose Pistola's since Philly Beer Week so I decided to head there for lunch last Friday. It had just been too long since I had a beer and a giant burrito there. I started with a glass of Allagash Victoria, a tripel aged with grapes, something I've been wanting to try for a long time now.
Tripel like aroma, slightly belgian, nice dryness. Very tasty first sip. Slightly tart, hint of grapes, very clean finish. As I drank more, the tartness never grew and was quite delicious. Never a hint of the alcohol either considering it's 9%. This was one tasty beer.

After that I ordered my burrito and debated about not ordering a second, but I just couldn't do it. They had Firestone Walker Parabola on draft! How could I not order it? I also had more than half my burrito left and I couldn't eat that without something to drink?
Just a huge number of different scents in the aroma. Just crazy. Sweetness, bourbon, vanilla, bourbon, chocolate, and bourbon. Did I mention I smelled bourbon? Very thick mouthfeel and very strong tasting as expected. Started with bourbon, licorice, molasses, and some hints of chocolate. Continued with similar flavors with the bourbon subsiding a bit as I got used to it. On draft, I found the bourbon to be the major flavor, but it wasn't too hot to be overwhelming. Just a ridiculously fantastic barrel aged imperial stout. Not sure it was the best ordering decision on a Friday lunch during work but, eh, everything worked out fine.

The burrito you see in the Parabola picture above was delicious as always. Apparently I only order burritos when I go since Adam laughed at me when I asked to see the menu since he knew I was going to order either the pork or chicken one. But, come on, they're awesome! Great visit yet again. I really should go back there more considering the beer and fantastic burritos though it's probably not best for my career or health.

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