Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fourth Anniversary at Dock Street

I'll admit, Jo and I don't get out to Dock Street particularly often, but the past few times we've been out there for their special events have been quite excellent. Their pizza is top notch and the atmosphere is pretty unique and friendly. The reason for this visit was their fourth anniversary and the release of a two and a half year old sour Flemish Red. I'm a sucker for sours so I knew we had to go.
You can sort of read the description in the picture, but here it is without having to squint
This special brew was inspired by the sour red ales of Flanders. Aged for 2.5 years in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels from Chaddsford Winery and inoculated with wild yeasts and bacteria, the beer is a study in complexity. Flavors ranging from cherries and blackberries to a leathery earthiness can be expected. Notes of wood and a subtle acetic character also come into play. Its sharp acidity and complex fruit character give this beer a particularly wine-like quality.
So, super interesting.  Fruity, sour, and tart notes with hints of raisins and figs in the nose. A little leathery up front, some bitterness from the oak and tannin, finishing with quite a bit of sourness. Very complex. As I drank more, I got used to the sourness and the leather, fruit and red wine notes shine through. It was quite good and I was really impressed with it.

So today is my own one year anniversary of the blog. I've somehow managed to keep up with it, hopefully with my writing improving as time went by. I appreciate everyone who actually reads this thing and hope you continue doing so as long as I continue to be interesting.

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