Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stone Imperial Russian Stout at Kite & Key

I've been waiting for the Stone Imperial Russian Stout to go on draft for almost a month now. It showed up on the upcoming list a while ago which got me excited and then actually came on draft once, but was taken off for Savage Sixtel Sunday before I got a chance to try it. Finally, yesterday, it was back and I ordered a glass before I even sat down at the bar.
Roasty aroma with a hint of chocolate in it. First sip had some chocolate and roast flavors in it followed by some hints of vanilla. All of that continued as I worked my way through the glass and as it warmed, they got a bit more intense. I'll say that while I enjoyed it, the bottle I had a while back (bottom of here) was better for whatever reason. I don't know if the bottle had a bit of age on it or if it was the warmer temperature I served it at, but the flavors were just a bit more intense and the body was creamier. Still, I enjoyed the draft of it I had and can't complain too much.

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